A favorite Bible study teacher often ends his sessions with the invitation: “Thoughts, comments.” These are my thoughts and comments on the battle to become more like Christ.

3 Responses to About

  1. tf says:

    I like that thought…”the battle to become more like Christ.”
    What favorite bible teacher are you referring to?
    Someone I like once said the whole Christian life is a paradox, if you want to go up, you go down. Dying to self is not easy. But the cross….is the way the Master went, will not His servant tread it still?

    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. karen yoder says:

    Just read “when hearts are empty” and “religious spirit”
    and want to say thank you! I gain insights into how others think when I read your thoughts. Like: looking at everything physical and finding something spiritual about it! Now some people make more sense to me. Your comments on “hearts” is right on. And your gift of writing makes difficult ideas easier to grasp. I often suggest your site to others. So, please, keep writing. You are ministering to me and to others! THANK YOU.

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